Glasya z Peronówki tested for dwarfism

We have one more great test result - this time Glasya z Peronówki was tested for dwarf. Result N/N (clear of the mutation)

Thanks Eric!

HD results of Bizaan-ayaa II z Peronówki

Just now I received great new: the x-ray results of first dog from the BII-litter.
Bizaan-ayaa II z Peronówki was tested in Czech Republic. She is HD A/A and ED 0-0 Jupi

2000.09.02 - And we have already the result of Bolton...

...unfortunately it is not as good as we hoped. After our visit by Dr. Siembieda in Wroclawiu it turned out that Bolton as many other heavy and hefty wolfdogs do not have nice penn hips. And his result is HD-C....

2001.05.21 - Great result of Jolly....

We knew it because Jolly is not only coming from a line which is known for good heath but also Jolly is typical Wolfdog - great built with proper angulation, many muscles and...great hips.... So the result is of course - free from penn hip dysplasy - HD-A.

2002.10.25 - Merry Bell in Wroclaw

And now came the time for new generation in our house - for Merry Bell. We went to Wroclaw to dr.Siembieda - who is one of the few vets in Poland which are allowed to evaluate the hips according the FCI rules. Soon after it we finally knew - Merry Bell joined a group of happy owners of clear penn hips and she is absolutely free from dysplasy - HD-A.

2004.09.03 - 'A'-litter: health and HD-results

Exterier is important, but most important is heatlh - it came the time to make the X-rays and check the penn hips. Amber Wolf z Peronówki was by dr Siembieda (2004.02.14) and ... he is absolutly free from dysplasy... The same Aset Voodoo (2004.09.03). Their owners just made the X-rays and the vet said, the hips are perfect and clear. Result: HD-A. To tell the truth I was not affraid, because Aset is as great runner as Tasmanian Devil.

Alistair Wolf z Peronowki

2004.12.05 - We are checking the 'B'-litter

On Friday we made with Jolly z Molu Es and Balrog z Peronowki a trip to Wroclaw where we visited Dr. Siembieda. We made there 13 X-rays....

In order to have all test made by Jolly we decided to check also her elbows. Dr. Siembieda was delighted - he told us that although Jolly is already 4,5 years old she still have elbows like young dog - ED 0/0. So we can revel on bike without fear for her....

After it we checked Balrog - also by him the vet found nothing - penn hips clear HD-A. And elbows the same - ED-0.

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