2004.12.05 - We are checking the 'B'-litter

On Friday we made with Jolly z Molu Es and Balrog z Peronowki a trip to Wroclaw where we visited Dr. Siembieda. We made there 13 X-rays....

In order to have all test made by Jolly we decided to check also her elbows. Dr. Siembieda was delighted - he told us that although Jolly is already 4,5 years old she still have elbows like young dog - ED 0/0. So we can revel on bike without fear for her....

After it we checked Balrog - also by him the vet found nothing - penn hips clear HD-A. And elbows the same - ED-0.

But something else was interesting for us - we spoke with the vet about the HD-results of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs (he X-rays many CzWs from Czech Republic and almost all CzWs from Poland so he has enought data to judge the situation). He told us that Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are one of the healtiest breed he know.

Balrog z Peronowki & Jolly z Molu Es: