Temperament and behaviour - general information

This is a relatively new breed of dog, which can boast neither hundreds of years of tradition nor the names of famous rulers or eminent personalities who bred it or owned it. Nevertheless, it attracts attention wherever it appears. Nobody doubts, not for a moment, that these dogs are of the most distinguished origin. Their mother is Nature. It looks like a wolf. It is tall but light and strong. Its straight thick hair is wolf-like grey with a typical white mask.

"We bear the responsibility" and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

When we started showing Bolton (our first CzW), wolfdogs in Poland were a real rarity (Bolton was the third czechoslovakian wolfdog in Poland). No-one, neither audience, nor judges didn't have an idea what kind of dog breed it is and how to judge it in the ring. But they "knew" their characters.

One of the final competitions overstep the mark: it was "Best Junior Dog" competition. In the main ring appeared lots of young dogs from all groups. The judge, with long job seniority and experience, was judging very detailed. He was checking the character, was stroking all the dogs, looking

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