2013.11.23 (PL) Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Dogtrekking Dog Orient

We did it! Despite the fact that Przemo caught a cold and a short sleep (we woke up at 3:30), 300 km route by car in the mists we presented in Tomaszow in the morning and took part at Dog Orient.

We managed to take first place in the family category(because our pack is a family).

Impreza super zorganizowana, trasa przepiękna. 28 km (trochę zabłądziliśmy) przez łąki i lasy, błoto i bagna, a nawet 355 metrowy schron kolejowy dla pociągu sztabowego III Rzeszy.

2013.10.20 - Endurance run SVP1 40km - Brescello (Włochy)

Żela z Peronowki

Time: 3:02
Note: excellent PLACE!

Dogtrekking Lubniewice (PL) 28.09.2013

We (Ula and me ex aequo) won the fitness category (13km).

2011.07.02 (PL) Łódź - I Dogtrekking Championships of the Łódź region 'Over Zoo Cup'

10km - 1 place "ex aequo" Alicja (with Callisto z Peronówki and Morta z Peronówki) and Paweł (with Sabnock z Peronówki)


Andariel Conall & Gimir Braterstwo wilczaków, Enfys Braterstwo wilczaków & Labal Lestat z Peronówki

2005.09.17 - National Obedience Competition - Antoninek (PL)

And here comes another huge success and next victory of Amber Wolf z Peronówki. This time it is the first place in the class 'Obedience 1' during the Polish National Obedience Competition in Antoniek. CONGRATULATION!

2005.10.08 - Endurance test SVP1 (40km) - Trencin (SK)

The endurance test SVP1 took place (as every year) in Trencin in Slovakia. This time there were also CzWs "z Peronówki" among 9 Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs which took part in it. The "star" of this run was Botis but all dogs proved that they have excellent fitness and body build and finished the run with perfect results and passed the test with "excellent" note. And here are the results and places:
1.) BOTIS z Peronówki - 2:45
3.) BALROG z Peronówki - 2:50
4.) AMBER WOLF z Peronówki - 3:06

2005.09.10 - II. Hoky's Memorial - Pozna (PL)

This year's Hoky's Memorial was pleased with huge popularity - in two classes started 33 dogs (among them 28 CzWs).The winners become siblings - novice class won ALISTAIR WOLF z Peronówki and advanced class (and whole competition) - AMBER WOLF z Peronówki. And here are results of all our dogs (or dogs from our kennel):


1. ALISTAIR WOLF z Peronówki
3. DAGAN z Peronówki
4. BOTIS z Peronówki

2005.06.01 - 2. place for Amber during Obedience Competition in Ryczywol (PL)

Ela and Amber were very successful during the National Obedience Competition in Ryczywol (PL) - they had 194 points (of 200 possible) in the Obedience 1, note "excellent" and... second place on podium. Congratulations!

Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2005.07.10 - Obedience competition in Rudzienko (PL)

During the I. Obedience Competition there was not only much fun but also good results. First place in the novice class won Cheitan z Peronówki:

The advanced class won Jolly z Molu Es:

2004.12.12 - Amber - winner of the Christmas Competition in Hradek (CZ)

This year's 3. Christmas Competition in Hradek n/Nisou (CZ) won Amber Wolf z Peronówki. Congratulations!!

Amber Wolf z Peronówki, Anteia Sotis & Calu:

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