The first and for years the most titled kennel breeding Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. We do not breed for "several dozens of years" but our kennel has already many prestigous achievements. Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - Czechosłowacki wilczak - Československý vlčak - Tschechoslowakischer Wolfhund - Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco - Chien-loup tchécoslovaque - Perro lobo checoslovaco - Československý vlčiak - Чехословацкий влчак - Tsjechoslowaakse wolfhond

2015.09.30 - Cresil II z Peronówki

Cresil II z Peronówki

2015.09.24 - Cresil II z Peronówki

Cresil II z Peronówki & Elbrus Lupusek

2015.09 (PL) The Underground Man - 'You Could Be Here' (Official Video)

Yipon z Peronówki

2015.07.17 - Garuda z Peronówki

Garuda z Peronówki & Bradiaga Łuna Dar wilka

'MII' z Peronówki


Malphas II & Marax II & Marbas II z Peronówki

2015.06.28 - Jaud Malý Bysterec

Jaud Malý Bysterec

2016.03.16 - Drude II z Peronówki

Drude II z Peronówki & Cień Wilk z baśni

2015.03.08 - International Dog Show - Drzonkow (PL)

Yesterday Jolly finished her Polish Veteran Championship. She made this title within 3 weeks at the age of...15 years... Smile

Full results:

2015.03.03 - KII & LII & ŁII & Qareen & Gressil II & Jaud


Kroni II & Leszy II z Peronówki

'ŁII' z Peronówki


Ługa II & Łysk II & Dantalion II z Peronówki