Hi Margo!

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I want to wish you all a very pleasant summer. My two-legged servant has promised me that we'll drive down and see you in August when you have your annual Camp.
My family says I'm the most charming CSV they know, they often get a good laugh and many gray hairs but that treats is on me. I am also the most talkative CSV they know, often I have to explain to them that they missed something important when Baby and Assar don't want to play with me.
I have joined an obedience course again, totally boring, I thought that the only good thing was all the sausages I got, then I took á course in person tracking and it was really fun it was boring waiting for my turn. .
In august I'll go get a continuation course in tracking, that I am long for, but then I heard a rumor that now I have to learn etiquette again, sounds boring in my CSV ears .. My days is floating on whit a lot of laughter and good fun whit my family.
I'll take good care of my family until we meet in August, have a super fine summer until we meet again, it will be very funny too meet again
Best regards from Furfur Anat II with appendages