Angulation and the construction of the front - the difference between German Shepherd and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

For a longer time I was thinking to prepare a sketch showing the difference in the construction of the front between German Shepherd Dog and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. But it turns out that someone did it before me. A long time ago... Wink In the book von Max von Stephanitz (the father of the German Shepherd) from 1901 you can find such sketch:

1. shows how should be angulated / built front of German Shepherd Dog
2. shows how should be angulated / built front of ... Czechoslovakian Wolfdog...

OK, officially 1. is the correct front for GSD, 2. is a uncorrect front for a Shepherd (too much angle and too "shallow" chest (not reaching the ellbows)).

But in the case of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs it is exactly the opposite - front of German Sheoherd Dog is a FAULT by our breed because the correct angulation should be exactly 120° (as you can read in the breed standard) and chest should not reaching the ellbows (it is one of the main characteristisc for CzWs). Sketch 2. shows front of a typical Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

What does it mean ...? On his sketch Stephanitz showed also the typical gait ("Schrittweite") affiliated with the construction and angulation. It is good visible that legs of Shepherd Dogs are reaching much more forwards as they should reach by Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs.

This shows that the promotion during dog shows animals with legs reaching much forwards is a promotion of untypical Wolfdogs representing so called "Czechoslovakian Shepherd type"...